How to start a Professional Logistic Company in Nigeria


Have you been thinking of starting a delivery business? It doesn’t have to be entirely like a logistics company.
You can also start your small delivery company in Nigeria without needing a massive amount of money.
The business is profitable, although it might be a bit competitive because there are several logistics companies in Nigeria. If you can operate your own on a small scale business, you would be making a lot of profit daily.
For this business to succeed, some specific steps need to be followed.
Although, when you start the business within the first 3 to 4 months, you might not make much profit because at that time, you would be thinking of different ways to grow the business and get more clients to patronize.
You could also be operating online to get more orders from people.
This is a business a university student could also start, but it isn’t advisable because you can be called upon at any time to deliver a package.
To start this business, you would need some amount of money. I can’t give an estimate, but since the business would have to be operated on a small scale, it shouldn’t require much capital.
In this article, I will be highlighting the guidelines to set up a successful delivery company in Nigeria.

Steps you need to take to start a Professional Logistic Company

1. Register your business a month before you start.

This is very important because this kind of business is a highly complex one. After all, you would need to be going almost everywhere, and you might have an encounter with security agencies that would want to question or sanction you if they are being suspicious.
So you need to register your business and obtain all the necessary documents to prove that your business is legit not only to security agencies but also to people who would like to patronize the business.
Those documents should be photocopied and laminated so that they would share among all your staff if you intend on employing them.
When running a small delivery company, you would also need a bike for transportation; it is also advisable to have all the bike documents intact to be shown to any security agency that might want to interrogate you or your staff.

2. Make sure all the resources needed are intact.

There are some things which would need for the smooth running of the business.
Starting from the office, as a small delivery company, you should have an office where people can easily reach you and where you and your staff could have a meeting.
Since it’s a small delivery company, the company doesn’t need to have a lot of staff, one or two assistants should be enough, but when the order begins to increase, you can think of employing more staff.

3. Focus on online advertisement.

Online advertisement is the best way to advertise this type of business because you need to create awareness, and I would advise you to reach out to top celebrities to help you advertise the business.
To trust your business, they need someone they can trust to guarantee that your business is very safe.
Many people prefer to work with well-known logistics companies because they believe their packages are safe.
Any celebrity you contact should do a live video explaining your business and telling people that it is already registered with the corporate affairs commission. That would give people assurance that they are safe working with your business.
Suppose you intend on doing Facebook or Google advertisement. In that case, you should have a website where people would be redirected to get all the essential information about your business.
Always make sure that the website looks professional and is quite convincing to visitors.

4. Give the best of your services.

Since it’s a small delivery business, customers shouldn’t be taken for granted. They could forget about your business if anything happens to the packages they deliver to people.
Always make sure you put in your best such that your customers would be satisfied with your services so that in the future, they would always recommend you to their family and friends.

5. Partnership.

Although the business isn’t a big one at the same time, if you can partner with small companies like yours which are likely to need the services of a delivery company, it would make the business more popular, and it would increase its profit.
When the business starts growing, you might even think of converting it to a logistics company.
Ask for recommendations from already satisfied customers.
This is very important, especially when you are just starting because you need to put a lot of effort into promoting the business.
You should value any customers you work with and ensure you give them the best of your services to their satisfaction.
You can then tell them to always recommend your business to their family and friends, which they wouldn’t hesitate.


When you start this business, do not have the mindset of running it as a small scale business; instead, think of it as a big business even if it’s running as a small business.
This would make you put in all your efforts to the delivery business.


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