How to increase your income as a hairstylist in Nigeria



Yesterday, someone called me and asked me this question, and then I told the person that I would be giving answers with full details to the question.
To the main topic, in Nigeria, there are many hairstylists today because many students who didn’t have enough money to succeed in their education had to quit and learn a skill.
Hairstyling skills are an elementary skill to learn because it is just something you need to keep practicing until you get perfect.
And you don’t compulsorily need to have a shop or salon to start, and you can be working directly from your home.
In this post, I would highlight different ways a local hairstylist could make more income with their skills.

1. Mastery of hairstyling skill.

There are many hairstylists out there like you; how then can you convince a customer to hire you.
Aside from advertisement, this won’t work because you can not go and be forcing customers to hire you.
When you master your skill as a hairstylist and execute the best services for your customers, they would start recommending you to their family and friends, within a short period, you would have become very famous.
What you need to work on is mastery of your skill. Even though you feel like you have known enough, you need to go out there to learn more to become an expert.

2. Operate and be active on social media platforms.

Aside from advertisement and recommendations from customers, if you want to make more income, you need to operate on social media platforms too.
Create a professional profile, look out for hairstylists like you on the platforms, follow their followers because you are also trying to get them to follow you.
What you post shouldn’t only be about different hairstyles; you could also be posting funny content to build more audience.
Make sure that any service you render to customers, take a photo of your handiwork and post it on your social media platforms so that your followers would see it and may get interested.
If your service is excellent, people would post a picture of themselves with the hairstyle you did for them and give them credits even if it’s a paid job.
Before you know it, people would start messaging you for an appointment.

3. Mobility.

Even if you have a salon where you work, you should also deliver home services to customers because not all customers love visiting the salon due to privacy reasons.
As a hairstylist, you should be able to go and deliver your services to customers at their homes whenever you are contacted because some customers might urgently need your assistance.

4. Develop new hairstyles.

This is very important because it distinguishes you from other hairstylists, it makes your work more professional than the others.
You need to be very creative, create your styles, do not follow the typical hairstyles already known.
Customers always want hairstylists to give them the best haircut; once they discover that you are giving them the best, they will keep coming.
Thus, there would be a massive increase in your income.

5. The inner and outer look of your salon.

This also has an impact on how customers come to patronize you; whenever they see that the inner and outer environment are always neat, they might be interested in patronizing you to get a nice haircut.
Nobody loves to have a haircut in a dirty salon. Always keep your salon neat and shining.
You should also make sure that the pieces of equipment you use for customers are of good quality, it even helps and makes it easier for you, so if your equipment that you see that’s faulty, do not hesitate to change it immediately.


The market is competitive, especially in the hair styling category; you need to make your service unique to make more income.

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