6 Fast Selling Products to sell at Rural Areas in Nigeria


There are some working strategies in which business owners can take their business to sell in rural areas because they believe it might yield a lot of sales and not have too many competitors.
People hardly move to villages to sell their products; they rather specialize in urban areas to yield huge sales.
The location of a company influences what amount of sales would be made on a specific product.
For example, if you plan to sell five cartons of biscuits, if you’re taking it to primary and secondary schools to sell, you’d be able to sell everything because that’s the most effective location to sell that type of product.
However, if you’re taking it to offices to sell, you might not be able to sell half of it because some would not have an interest in that product.
In rural areas, few products are extensively demanded but are limited.
You will make good sales when you take products like this to such areas.
In this article, I will highlight and explain highly demanded products that you’ll be able to sell in rural areas.
Before a product can be well demanded, it means that individuals in such region cherish such product because it helps them for future purpose or it helps makes their daily work easier.

Fast Selling Products to Sell in Nigeria

1. Fertilizers.

In rural areas, farming is widespread; farmers are continually looking to boost their crop production to supply huge and healthy fruits.
Although, they make use of the local method, which is using cow feces(manure) to help in enriching the soil for good productivity
They use fertilizers because it saves a lot of time and is easy to apply on crops.
Some would even have to travel to the city to get fertilizers in bulk and then take them to the rural areas to sell, yielding more profits.
They use it almost every day, so there is always a high demand.
Also, you’ll be able to buy many farming equipment to sell in rural areas.

2. Livestock feeds.

Some farmers are involved in livestock farming because they believe it is very profitable and can continue to feed their livestock to become bigger and then sell in the market.
Some of them move to the cities to get their feeds in bulk.
If their feeds are being sold in the rural areas, livestock farmers wouldn’t need to travel down to the city to purchase livestock feeds.
They wouldn’t think about the price because when they calculate the transportation and time expenses, buying from you would be a better option for them.
You have to make sure that those feeds are readily available to avoid disappointment.
Some buyers purchase such products in bulk, so you must be ready to deliver as many as they want, or they would have to go to another shop.

3. Lamps.

Some rural areas lack electricity, the inhabitants of such areas need a lamp to do different things at night.
Those who reside in the city have a generator which they can easily power on once there is no light.
Not everyone can afford that in rural areas. That’s why a lamp is another option.
If you are taking manual electrical products like torchlight, lamps, e.t.c to the rural areas to see, you will make a vast sales because it is as if you are bringing what they are looking for directly to their doorstep.
People in the rural areas might want to pay more than donuts because they are desperate for such goods.

4. Small mobile phones.

Not every inhabitant of rural areas has a mobile phone because a family could even share one phone, which isn’t good.
When all of them have a mobile phone, it makes communication easier.
If you take excellent and cheap phones to the rural areas, they would appreciate it and want to go for it.
You’ll be able to also sell mobile accessories like batteries, earpieces, chargers, e.t.c, and this may even be a good advantage.
A phone repairer is also needed to help repair spoilt phones, which is another source of income.

5. Food ingredients and spices.

Food is surplus in such areas because they produce most of their foods themselves. However, there’s one factor missing that is food ingredients and spices.
They need to make their food very delicious so that they will need food ingredients like salt, Maggi, curry e.t.c.
You would quickly sell a product like this because they consume it daily.
Although the profits might not be huge because of the cost of the product.
However, you’ll be able to mix it with another product to sell.

6. Food process machines.

As I discussed earlier that they produce their food, the local method of food production is quite stressful and takes time, especially transportation.
Food transported to the city for processing might affect their profit because of the cost of transportation.
Food processors are essential in rural areas because they will save time and cost and help boost profit.


If you sell and market different product types, you can go to rural areas to sell and market that product if urban areas are competitive for you.
Although some rural areas are a bit civilized, most of them lack this product.

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